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Random adz is currently worth $11743.2

We are going to sell 100% of this company to our members, Advertisers and investors. This means you can buy shares for the current value and you recieve monthly dividends. 100% of the profit goes back to you. Once purchased a share can only be sold to others or kept for the dividend bonuses every month.

Dividends are paid monthly into your account to be used for withdrawal, reinvestment or purchasing ads. You can only use crypto, Perfect Money or Payeer to buy shares.

we have 100,000 shares to sell and each share costs $0.117432 and will go up or down in value depending on the success of this website. feel free to wait and check back regularly you will see the price is very steady. this means the chances of a loss is very rare, but you neeed to promote, and get more members buying ads here for the value to increase. if it doesnt increase in value you will still profit from the monthly dividends.

Here is a quick info blast!
Share cost each = $0.117432
return/share/month = $0.0019572
Time for ROI on each share ~ 60 Months (Not including sale of the share) after 120 months of good standing and strong support you can expect to have made 200% back in dividend payments and still have the share to sell/keep. For more information contact Random Adz Enquiries: admin[at]adzbux.com or Phone: +44 (7946) 177557

There are currently 89655 Shares available to buy from a fixed limit of 100,000. Once they have all been purchased you can only buy them from other members. You currently have Shares which represents 0% Ownership

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