Frequently Asked Questions
What is Adzbux Rotator?

We buy High volumes of traffic from many different sources then resell them to you giving a wider audience for your Ads.

Where does your traffic come from?

There is no permanant answer to this we buy from many places and change as the market progresses. We buy from Traffci Exchanges, PTC sites and other high traffic websites.

How Much does it cost?

For just $1 you can buy 1 day of your ad rotating on our rotator.

How many unique hits will i get daily?

We dont count unique hits as we buy from similar niches there could be repeat visitors. But your ad will get approx 10,000 hits daily depending on the amount of advertisers. You can see the current status of Ads on our Home Page. Please understand we give no guarantee of minimum visits, you can always monitor the status of the day on our home Page.

How do i Add Funds?

We accept Payza, Bitcoin and Paypal. All our accounts are fully Verified and Approved to Conduct business from Adzbux Rotator (

To add funds please click the Add Funds Link on the sidebar in your account and follow the on screen prompts.

How do i Advertise?

Once you have added Funds click on the Ad Prices link in the header of any page. (Or Click here) The Select from Rotator Days or Banner Credits, then follow the on screen prompts to purchase the amount of credits you need.

What sites can i advertise?

You can advertise any site as long as the following criteria are met:

No Popups, Popunders or slideovers.

No Malicious/Pornographic/Illegal/imoral/Religious Content

No Redirects, FrameBreakers, Downloads

No Sound and page must load within 8 seconds or visits may not be counted.

What do i do with Ad Credits?

To create a new Advert click on the Manage Ads link in your Account sidepanel. Then select the type of Ad you want to create then follow the on screen prompts to add your Advertisment. Please be aware you need to purchase credits first to create a new Ad, you can purchase ad credits here.

What are Referrals?

Referrals are other Advertisers that have seen your referral link or banner (Find this under Banners in your Account Sidepanel) and joined under you. Once these advfertisers make a purchase of Ad credits you will be rewarded with 10% commission from their purchase. This can then be converted into Purchase balance to purchase Advertising with. You could call it free advertising!

Do you have a refund policy?

As long as you havent used the credits you can request a refund within 14 days of your deposit. Please be aware we are unable to process refunds on credits used, referral comissions or deposits made after 14 days of the request. Simply contact Support for a refund! All Claims against us will result in account suspension, as we deliver all items Instantly and Electronicly you have no reason to open a claim. Open a support ticket if you have any issues or questions.

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