How do I purchase Rotator Day credits & setup an ad?

How do i purchase ad credits?

1To get started, click on Account...


Once your deposit is complete you need to purchase credits, click on Advertise in the header to see our Advertising options, you can also click on Buy Ads, this is a link found on your account page. Both options will take you to the advertising page where you can select Rotator credits and choose the amount you want.

2Make sure you select Rotator day credits.

3Once you choose and confirm, your credits will be available.

How do i setup an ad?

1Click on the Advertiser Panel in your Member sidebar,

2Complete the fields with your ad details and click send to confirm.

How do i Allocate Credits?

1Once you purchase you need to allocate the credits for your ad to work.

2Select the amount of credits to allocate (Giving you complete control).

3From this Page you will be able to see how your ad is performing.

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